A Graphite Interview with Caroline Weaver, of C.W. Pencil Enterprise.

Around when we were lucky enough to have Caroline Weaver on Erasable, I begged asked Caroline if she’d be game for a paper interview: one wherein I’d write questions down and mail them to New York, and then she’d answer them in pencil and send these answers back to Baltimore. I am happy to present what I believe is the first Graphite Interview in the Stationery Blogosphere.*

*Please do correct me if I am mistaken.






Many thanks to Caroline! Stay tuned for two more CWPE-related posts, including The Field Guide to Visiting C.W. Pencil Enterprise and a post about my…ahem….three visits there from Baltimore this spring.

11 thoughts on “A Graphite Interview with Caroline Weaver, of C.W. Pencil Enterprise.”

  1. I really enjoyed the visual aspect of this ‘interview’ – a person’s handwriting is almost as revealing as their facial expression, for some maybe more so. Thanks to both of you for your time and effort.

  2. I find that some pencils just don’t sharpen well in a long point blade sharpener. In most cases it’s because the wood is too soft. The very low quality yellow pencils constantly get points broken by hand sharpeners while they will sharpen better in an electric one. If I ever reorganize my desk I will attach a hand crank sharpener like a Boston or Berol. For now my Panasonic Auto Stop electric does the job.

  3. Love this interview with Caroline Weaver. I love her shop and how you conducted this interview. Very fun!

  4. Jeff, the problem is forces. A hand sharpener applies torque (a twisting force). If the lead is weak or a tiny bit off centre or if the pencil is not exactly aligned with blade or if the blade is blunt, the point is likely to twist and break. Helical sharpeners like crank ones or most electric ones apply the force along the length of the pencil so they don’t break as much. The worst ones are those small battery ones that have a pocket sharpener inside them.
    Nice interview. I have bought from Caroline’s web shop but I haven’t been back to NYC since she opened the real store.

  5. Great interview. I just purchased some pencils from Caroline Weaver the other day. She provides fantastic customer service.

  6. Ana,

    Thanks so much for this link. I think the Caroline Weaver story is truly amazing–a young woman putting it on the line to sell unique pencils in, of all places, Manhattan. I’ve ordered from her 3 times and the results have been highly gratifying. Please use your considerable sway with Mr. Dowdy to get her on The Pen Addict podcast. It would be delightful.


    Randy Schwartz

  7. Thanks Johnny for introducing the graphite interview format. I hope to see more in the future.

    Looking at other peoples handwriting these days fells like some sort of voyeurism because it is so rare for me to see. Nice hand writing is… well really really nice.

    Love your work on the podcast too!

    Many thanks,


  8. Comrade, your idea of conducting an interview in graphite and posting the results is pencil perfect —
    I hope we see more such correspondence in the future.

    Pencil shavings underfoot makes me thirsty for a frosted mug of IPA. Has Caroline gotten her liquor license yet?

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