Baron Fig Work/Play Edition.

I almost feel badly for posting this, since the books have sold out while this post has sat in the queue, as I was busy moving over the last couple of weeks. But I think that exhibiting the interesting books the folks at Baron Fig keep coming up with justifies what probably amounts to a Teasing Post.


The Work/Play edition has the same features as the regular Confidant (which I still don’t own for some reason). I love the paper in Baron Fig books for pencil, and I am especially fond of the spacing/darkness of their dotgrid.


And this book has it. On the left, you have dotgrid paper. On the right, you have a blank page. The Maker edition came in a darker grey than the regular Confidant, and the natural move is to black here.* The bookmark is white, and the effect is striking.



Keeping in line with the other hardcover offerings from Baron Fig, the box is really a part of the product. While I enjoyed the Juggler’s box, this one takes the proverbial (coconut) cake. The graphics are so fantastic that I might have thought twice about opening the box if I had to destroy this artwork to get to the book inside.

Sorry to tease, but  you never know if you might find another stationery fan to trade with — maybe we can even talk Adam and Joey into printing another run of these. I’m not sure about the size of printing, but these went very quickly. If you find one somewhere, snatch it up! (Caroline might have some IRL.)


(We were sent this book for review for free — thanks to Adam and Joey for keeping us in the loop!)

*White next?

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