Giveaway: Ten Years of Pencil Blogging.

Okay, ten years, one month and a few days. Moving with two kids was tough business!

So, we have four giveaways!

We are giving away three boxes of Pencil Goodness to three lucky USA-based readers. And, not to leave out our international Comrades, we are giving away one special package of pencils available here on our shores which folks outside the USA might find it difficult or impossible to obtain. The exact contents are still being determined, i.e., I’m still sticking stuff into these four boxes.

To enter: Just leave a comment, including your current country of residence. (Entries without nations and duplicate entries will be disqualified.) I’ll leave the entry period open for ten days, ending on Thursday, September 3, 2015 at 11:59pm EST. Charlotte will help me randomly select three winners from the USA pool and one winner from the International Contingent, and we’ll notify winners and head to the post office in a timely manner.

Thanks to all Comrades who have been reading this humble blog and helped to keep it alive!

245 thoughts on “Giveaway: Ten Years of Pencil Blogging.”

  1. Congratulations on ten and counting. Thanks for the opportunity. I think being number 1 knocks me out of this contest but I am happy to have found your blog.


  2. Love the blog and podcast. As does my 8 year old daughter Lucy who has joined the rank of pencil geekdom. I’m entering the giveaway for her. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and love of all things pencil!

  3. Hi, I’m specifically not putting my nation in here so you have to do some extra work and because I don’t really need anymore anything.

    That said, kudos on a decade of running something cool.

  4. Congratulations Johnny! Here’s to 10 more years. I currently live in the US, came here when I was 18. I’m originally from India and have had my fair share of Natarajs and Apsaras :D

  5. It is hard to believe that us old farts of blogging are still around. 3 cheers to the old farts! Also, I have to tell you that I’m super happy that one of my favorite and first review blogs is still up on the WWW.

  6. Uffda, I can relate to the awfulness of moving, having just relocated from Wisconsin to Virginia. But congrats on lots of blogging! (Just to be explicit, here in the good old USA)

  7. Finally. A contest that acknowledges the natural order of things, 75% of the spoils here to the USA, 25% to the rest of the world.

    Kidding. Joke. Really.

    Congrats on 10 years.

    Chicago IL USA

  8. Many happy returns, Johnny!
    Also: I’m a USA resident who has trouble following basic instructions, it would seem. :-)

  9. Hello Kitty is awesome and little girls should be allowed to stay home and draw all day.

    I am not above pandering to the selection committee.


  10. Congratulations, the pencil world is a far better place due to your contributions, in whatever format they might occur. Thanks for all the efforts you have put into this realm of strangeness. USA

  11. Howdy from South Texas. Congrats on the first 10 years. Looking forward to the next 10. You’ve definitely gained a new “hobbyist” as I’ve been converting friends and family with the line “But have you tried a Blackwing?”

  12. Congratulations from Canada for your 10 years of cool pencil things! And thanks for reminding me that pencils are awesome!

  13. Hey, congrats on 10 years, and here’s to 10 more! This blog is the womb from which my interest in a nicer pencil was born! I’m using too many exclamation points! And I’m not sure I should have gone with a “womb” metaphor!

    ::nervously wrapping it up, now!::

    PS-I live in the US.

  14. This seems like a good excuse to post my first comment after a few months of reading (and listening) about pencils.
    Thank you!
    Fingers crossed all the way from Brazil.

  15. Who’d have thunk that talking about pencils 10 years ago would eventually lead down the rabbit hole to here? You started something incredible, and with Tim and Andy built a community around it. We all owe you a huge debt of gratitude for you passion, enthusiasm and constant contribution to the lifeblood of our little network. I salute you Mr Gamber, a pint on me when we finally meet!

    Tj Cosgrove

  16. Congratulations on 10 years! I only started reading a few years ago, but this blog was one of the ones that truly started my fascination with all things stationary. (US based)

  17. Let’s try this with the country this time :) – USA (so glad I can now read the blog on my phone; chrome still doesn’t like it)

  18. Ten years? It seems like just yesterday! ;)

    I hope and trust that you are still having fun with it :)

    Kiwi, but a US citizen now living in Colorado…

  19. Congratulations! Thanks for helping me become obsessed with something I used to pay absolutely no attention to!


  20. Congratulations! Wonderful blog. Writing, drawing, pencils. Favorite things. Your reviews of Japanese pencils motivated my search for Mitsubishis, and they happily sit on the kitchen/writing table. With friends.
    From the land of fire and smoke, Pacific Northwest, USA.

  21. Super congratulations Johnny! You have been such huge influence on the great return of woodcased pencils into my life. I can’t thank you enough for all you do. One of the things on my “bucket list” is to someday meet you in person.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win some pencils from the “archive”

    – Mark (from Montana, USA)

  22. I was made in Germany, originally of English origin but am an American. Don’t include me in the giveaway – just want to say THANKS

  23. I bought a Moleskine years ago. Six months later I found this blog. It was all over from there. Great work Mr. Gambler.

  24. Ten years…that’s impressive! Thanks for enabling me through the years. :)

    It’d be great if a box traveled to the Heartland of the US.

  25. Hey Johnny! Congrats on 10 years, that’s a lot of dedication. Seeing as you’ve given me a few nice pens and pencils over the years count me out of the contest if you land on me. Hope you’re enjoying your new place!

  26. Congratulations on 10 years! Looking forward to the next 10. I’m located in the US – thank you for the fun giveaway!

  27. Greetings from Reno, NV (USA)

    I am a “new” pencil user and I have found your website extremely helpful!
    Keep on the great work

  28. Congratulations! Great job on the blog and the podcast!
    I lived in Russia for many years and now I’m living in France, so I’ve never had a chance to use American pencils you often talk about. Fingers crossed :)

  29. Congratulations and thank you for opening this to your international readers! Very considerate! I hail from the UK. Here’s hoping for a win!

  30. Wow! Congrats on 10 years. This is my favorite niche blog and I’m totally impressed that you continue to have new and interesting content for us pencil obsessed.


  31. I’m well past SABLE, I just want to share the love. 10 years in blogging is like, what, 90 human years? Amazing. And who would have predicted 9 years ago that at 10 years out, a blog about pencils could have gathered this much of a following and would attract this many comments? Thank you so much for your passion and 10 years of reviews! PenRev was my gateway to woodcase obsession.

  32. Hi! Congratulations for blogging ten years, you have a lovely blog! Thanks for the chance of this lovely giveaway also for the international followers like me =)

    I am from Turkey =)

  33. Congratulations on making it to 10 years!
    I’d love to see what you are willing to share with us Comrades!
    I’m living in the USA.

  34. USA
    Thank you for not making me feel crazy about loving certain pencils (and now having a 16-year-old son who is a pencil snob)!

  35. Ten years of Wooden Wisdom.
    Pencil Perfection – a job well-done.
    With thanks and appreciation.

    Steve from Brighton, England.

  36. Congratulations on 10 years of blogging! I really enjoy both the blog and the podcast. They really opened the door to my current interest in pencils. We (the fans) all really appreciate what you do.

    Thanks from Oregon, USA

  37. There’s a really good pencil blog
    That’s gone on for ten years, my God!
    For the fun, thanks a bunch
    You’ve achieved so much
    Your loyal reader from Oz.

  38. Ten years is a tremendous accomplishment! Congratulations and keep it up.

    I’m in northern Minnesota, still in the USA but close enough for international travel to be a day-trip.

  39. Great job, Johnny! I listen to every erasable podcast. I love knowing there are kindred stationery spirits out there. Thanks to you guys, I’ve found the Pearl and the Palomino HB, and I love it!

  40. Nice giveaway. I’m new to pencils, just migrating from fountain pens and am voraciously devouring everything on your site and the Podcasts. Thanks. I’m in California, USA.

  41. Long-time pencil enthusiast and delighted new reader here! Can’t wait to dig in deep to all ten years of blogging — and maybe share some of your prize pencils with fellow pencil-pushers. Thanks, and cheers from the USA!

  42. Congratulations on 10 years in one place.

    I have started my own mini pencil revolution in my office. No going back to ballpoint.

    Giddy and Kia ora from New Zealand.

  43. Congratulations on 10 years! I just found your blog about a month ago and have enjoyed reading your reviews.

    Best regards from the USA!

  44. 10 years is a long time for someone my age, but for someone as young as you, it’s three times as long.

    You are one of the threesome that drew me to the darkside to add to my fountain pen habit. An enabler! So I deserve to to win. :)

    Give us another 10, please.

  45. Ten years with a focus is something to be proud of. I add a new hobby every year so master of none is me. Thanks for the chance.

  46. Congratulations!!!
    I may be too late for the giveaway, but you still deserve kudos for 10 years focus on the humble yet superior pencil.


    North Carolina, USA

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