Word. Mountain Edition, in Blue and Black.

The new Word. Blue Mountain and Black Mountain books had me talking before I ever had them in hand. It’s been a while since they released a new cover on their “regular” books, and these are impressive. Word. says:

The Mountain series of Word. Notebooks puts a modern spin on the great outdoors. Think less rolling hills and more sharp cliffs. Both Black Mountain and Blue Mountain are designed for the adventurous and the bold, those who strive for summits, and they look as clean on your desk as they do at a campsite under the stars.

I love this design, and I’m not alone. Half an hour after taking a few photos, I am down to only one blue version, as members of HQ have absconded with the first two. I have hidden the black ones and made marks in the remaining blue one.

We’ve written about Word. books before, and we’ve even been lucky enough to do a giveaway.* I simply love this paper for graphite. I don’t actually use the note system Word. has developed, but I use the lines, which are nicely-spaced. I’d love a dotgrid or blank version of these books, to be sure.


One thing that may not be entirely new (we missed the last edition and the Adventure edition) is the cover stock. Up until now, every Word. book I have had has been printed on Kraft paper. These covers are printed on white, though the feel is similar enough that I didn’t realize the paper was different until I opened the books. I do prefer this stock for writing on the insider covers.


Unlike our last paper review, where we teased you with goods you couldn’t get, you can order these books right now. Tell ’em we sent you.

[Many thanks to Michelle at Word. Notebooks for sending these out to HQ for free! We also received a bunch of stickers, and the first three people to ask (in the USA) get one free in the mail.]

*More Word. goodness.

4 thoughts on “Word. Mountain Edition, in Blue and Black.”

  1. Those look gorgeous – I will definitely pick up a pack for myself. I wonder how they compare to Field Notes. I would also love some stickers, haha.

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