City of Industry Pencil Pin: Badge for the Revolution.

About two months ago, Sarah of City of Industry was kind enough to send us three pencil pins, with an eye to a giveaway. As usual, they disappeared already, and I think someone stole mindefrom my hoodie. These pins are totally adorable:

Enamel Pencil Pin

If you’re an illustrator, designer, or letter writer, you’re probably always looking for a pencil. Keep this one close at hand: It works just as well pinned to your shirt pocket as it does to your backpack.

Cloisonne pin with gold-plating, approximately 1.25 inch by .25 inch in size.

I wore mine long enough without a post about it going up that I fear Karma might have take my pin away. My better half runs a public school; she was an obvious suspect (and, in fact, took one). I got a lot of compliments and hopefully sold a few for CoI while I dallied about a blog post.
They sell a lot of other really cute stuff, including an airmail pin that I really want. This is a solo operation by Sarah, and I suspect pins like this would render those flimsy one-inch buttons a quaint little effort at coolness. Thanks, Sarah!

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