Curated: Henry’s Blue Pencils.

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While Charlotte, my six-year-old, gets most of the attention on Pencil Revolution, Henry (who’s three) likes pencils too. Charlotte rates her pencils by point retention (Bic Xtra Fun, Hello Kitty), interesting finish (Write Notepads & Co. Quickstrike, velvet pencils, Wopex), and sometimes appearanceĀ (Ticonderoga Metallic, General’s Cartooning, Staedtler Tri-Plus Jumbo, Faber-Castell Grip pastel). Henry just likes blue pencils.

Each and every pack of pencils I’ve opened that contains a blue pencil quickly loses a blue pencil to Henry’s blue pencil box. Yes, the box is blue. After supper tonight, I asked him if he wanted to go hunt some blue pencils in my closet. We found two that he didn’t already have, and he was delighted enough to run away with them in hand, almost impaling himself along the way.

My kids have developed interesting stationery habits. I think this will be the first in a series.

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6 thoughts on “Curated: Henry’s Blue Pencils.”

  1. I am liking that boy, Henry :-)
    I shall dig out some more blue ones from my collection. Oddly, I notice that neither of our pictures feature a Mars Lumograph which must be the most ubiquitous blue pencil of all.

  2. Ha, ringing bells here – I am the keeper / influencer / wrangler of 2 boys aged 7 & 4. 4 year old Flynn is OBSESSED by the colour blue. Luckily my, and his, eyes are blue, otherwise frenzied calls to surgeons would be required. He is a magpie for blue, all blueness within reach obtained and cherished, like a bowerbird with clutching fingers and lungs of steel.

    Btw kudos on the Blackwing diversity question, a fair call well and respectfully made. Sorry you seem to be getting heat for calling for inclusion.

    1. I was a bit obsessed with blue until my teens too. I think Henry has taken to his new baby sister because, in part, of her blue eyes.

      Thank you for the kind words! I thought we all were way more… reasonable than a lot of the responses we are getting would call for.

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