“In The Pines”.

Write Notepads & Co rounded out the first year of seasonal releases this month with their “In the Pines” edition. Considering that we are literally friends with Chris and Co, it’s hard to start writing about how great this edition is and not stop. So perhaps some staccato slowness will get the point across without my friendly and hometown gushing getting in the way.

The Theme/Concept:
When I think of winter, I think of dark green (pine trees) and a striking blue (the sky). These fit the bill perfectly, even evoking some sylvan coniferousness. It could be in my head; it could be that I talked to Chris; but I swear the packing material smelled like pine. The delay on these meant that they were released during the actual winter, not holiday shopping season when the cold really hasn’t set in yet. So I found them especially welcome.

The Box:
Gorgeous. The packs arrived inside of a shipping box this time, which was a boon for such a beautiful package (the Royal Blues got dinged in their padded envelopes). The matte white board with silver stamping brings snow to mind immediately, and the design is just beautiful. I particularly like that “No. 4” is included on the box, clearly numbering the series that has just completed its first year.

The Books:
You get three matching green books with a silver pine tree letterpressed over “In The Pines,” in what might be the perfect font for this cover. The texture and flexibility of the stock make it extremely easy to use and comfortable to pocket. The corners, binding and cuts are all precisely made.

Inside, there is WNP’s fantastic standard 70# white paper with a 1/4-inch dot graph that is ideally spaced for pencil writing. This is my favorite pocket notebook paper by far, even for when I sometimes occasionally rarely use pens (!).

The Pencils:
Unlike the last two releases, you can buy the pencils that match this one right now. They seem like the usual Musgrave custom job at first: a medium quality pencil with top-notch custom design and left-handed printing. These feature a much more crisp silver stamp on their hexagonal face than the round Royal Blue (excuse the terrible photo). What’s really different about these is that they are made of cedar this time. I ordered another six (not only because my better half wanted some to match her books) as soon as I could, but I refrained from stocking up because supplies are extremely limited.

Member Extra:
Included in members’ shipments is a heavy vinyl sticker replicating a pine air freshener. I haven’t had the nerve to stick it onto anything yet because I only have one, but I doubt I can hold out for long.

In conclusion, just go and get a set. I’d like to think folks might refrain from hoarding because of the extremely limited number of these packs. But I’ve seen folks who have saved them help out other people who missed them. So I’ll shut up. If you live in Baltimore, you can get them IRL at a few shops in town without the cost or wait associated with shipping.

3 thoughts on ““In The Pines”.”

  1. I’ve not fully embraced (nor really used) the Write LEs…until Pines. It was the game changer for me. Part of it was I finally gave up thinking of using one to write long in. Once I let go of that, and resigned to just doing lists, notes, sketches, etc., the PUR binding no longer bothered me. But have to say I don’t get the grid and it’s not a factor in using the pages…they could be blank (I see them as black becuase the grid’s to big for me). But I see your point on pencil (although I do use pencil and still don’t like the grid!). But minor thing…love using it so much I bought three more packs…to keep and use! ;-)

  2. This was the first write notepads co set I’ve picked up. I’m new to these little note pads and have picked up some field notes and these. I really love the look of the in the pines set. The packaging was also top notch. I also received the sticker which was a nice add in. My only issue would be that they didn’t release the pencils at the same time. I hurriedly ordered the notepads as I knew they were Ltd and could sell out. A couple of weeks later the pencils come out!! This is not great for international buyers like me who have to pay 2 lots of shipping which costs a bomb. I world love to have ordered a pack of pencils and the price was great but the thought of paying all the shipping again + import tax etc meant I’ve missed out.
    The pads though are great and I will certainly look at their next release.

    1. Usually they either come out at the same time or are not available to non-members. The pencils got held up by Musgrave this time around. I definitely sympathize on the shipping. Whenever I want to send a pack of pencils to Europe, it’s $15-$20. The USPS does a lot of things right, but the cost of international shipping is just nuts.

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