48 Sharpened Ticonderoga Pencils.

Charlotte’s school says that I am to bring in 48 pre-sharpened Ticonderoga pencils, because they are super high-quality. The current Chinese-made ones are very nice, but I really resist the idea that the brand makes something special in this situation. I am extremely tempted to send her to school with 48 nice pencils, none of which are Ticonderoga, just to be a poophead. 

Either way, of course, she’s going to school with her pencil case loaded with very excellent, hand-picked pencils from Daddy’s stash.

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  1. They don’t know what they are doing re: quality but there’s also the whole “school supply uniformity” thing. When it comes to classroom communism (everything in a pile and share) I am opposed. When it comes to “stop comparing and trading pencils/erasers/whatever as opposed to learning” I’m ok with it.

  2. When the teachers were the age of Charlotte, Ticonderoga were maybe good quality/value pencils :D
    And since teachers never quit school to discover the outer word, they remained convicted Ticonderoga are still the best (maybe for the price, they are! Not like some Papermate advertised as Cedar wood, which they aren’t)^^

    Remember when I was in middle school and teacher were asking for “Sergent Major” nib. The brand had already disappeared for many many years, although everybody knew what it was.

  3. If they really want high quality pencils they should recommend American made pencils. They cost a little more but they are worth it.

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