A Box of REAL Blackwing MMX Pencils.

I’d been having a stressful few weeks, with school being back in session, a death in the family, my son starting his first day of pre-school, sickness descending on the family early this year. I came home to a box from CW Pencil Enterprise. I’d ordered something, but my package had already come. This was a surprise.

So I hurried to open the box and found a wrapped package with a gift tag. Inside I found a box of Blackwings, the ones I am a crusade to get renamed the MMX. Someone had written “MMX” in gold on the box, but I still wasn’t ready for what I found inside.

My friend Lenore had ordered a box of Blackwings with “MMX” stamped on them with the Kingsly machine at the pencil shop by Alyx. I sat in my dining room chuckling for a long time before dropping Lenore a message to thank her, whereupon I sharpened one immediately.

We talk a lot on Erasable about how great the community that’s sprung up around Pencil Life is. So I feel silly repeating it maybe. But because of these activities, I have made a lot of wonderful friends, one of whom would order some Blackwings made just for me with “MMX” on them — the only REAL MMX BLACKWINGS in existence. Thanks again, Lenore!

3 thoughts on “A Box of REAL Blackwing MMX Pencils.”

  1. You bring an awful lot of happiness into my life too, Johnny–it was PenRev that brought me into the Erasble group to begin with! I’m glad my dorky joke have you back a little.

  2. Yep, Lenore’s right, you bring a lot of happiness to us with your posts and the podcast! It is such a lovely idea of her to send you these pencils, especially in what seem to be harder times for you.

    My little tribute is to name the pencil “MMX” on every possible occasion, I even did it in a shop here in Berlin (Germany) where Blackwings are sold and the owner chuckled and recognized the inside joke. How cool is that!

    Wish you all the best and more peaceful times ahead!

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