Noris and Tayo.

I gave my son a Staedtler Noris today, and now he wants to keep drawing Tayo the bus. The very annoying bus.

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  1. Hi Pencil Revolution,
    I barely feel like I know enough about this issue to even form my question but I was wondering if you could fill me in on the Blackwing history? Something about Blackwings stopped production in 1998 because failure of a piece of equipment so the Blackwings manufactured today are inferior? I’m just curious …

    1. Some people prefer the older ones, and some folks seem to think the new ones are an acceptable substitute or alternative. I don’t have one of the originals to compare, but I like the new ones very much. They are made in Japan (not the USA) by CalCedar (not Faber-Castell/Eberhard Faber) — so they are completely different, yet a faithful homage (the 602 is anyway).

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