PLUMBAGO issue #3.

In the last year or so, Andy (from Woodclinched and my co-host of Erasable) has been spear-heading a stationery-centric magazine, Plumbago. Started as a Zine in the first issue, the second issue was so polished that I think it became a magazine. The upcoming third release is the fiction and poetry issue, and, this time, it has the heft and gravitas of a literary journal. You’ll find:

Father Kyle Sanders writes a story from the perspective of an Eberhard Faber American Naturals pencil

A collaboration between poet Judy Wilson and fine graphite artist Diane Wright

Harky Jewett presents a type-written science-fiction story about the fate of mankind

A big, bright graffiti-style portrait of some of our favorite pencils

The 5 winners of the six-word story contest, illustrated by Becky Aiken

Original artwork by Ana Reinert of The Well-Appointed Desk

And lots, lots more

There’s even a bad poem by yours truly that ends in gore/a goring.

Comrades can pre-order the issue to be sure to get a copy. These have sold out quickly both times before, and this one will likely go just as fast. You’ll even save $2 off of the $10 cover price.

Lest one might think it’s all about the funds, “Revenue from this zine go directly to printing, assembly and mailing costs, and leftover revenue will be donated to [Heart to Heart International], an organization dedicated to providing door-to-door medical aid to victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.”

Why are you still here and not ordering this amazing publication?!

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