Pencil Rescue.

Something that pops up fairly often on the Erasable Podcast Facebook group is the idea of rescuing a pencil. Folks find abandoned pencils in school yards, on the ground, on public transportation, and in other people’s houses. I like the idea of taking something that’s been reduced to a stick of wood and returning it back to its intended purpose as a useful object.

With that in mind, I rescued this pencil last night from my favorite restaurant. Our kind server brought a cup of crayons for my kids to color with, as she does almost every week when we go there. This time, there were two beat up old pencils, with no eraser left, in the cup too. I rescued the one pictured above, in return for three new pencils that I left behind.

So far as I can tell, this Mirado is at least 15 years old. It is made in the USA and still smells good. A few years ago, I found some other pencils at my parents house which were branded by Sandford, before the company changed over their wooden pencil branding to PaperMate. The box from those pencils says 1999.

Of course, a few turns in my key chain sharpener, and this old Mirado is ready to resume its service. I love that about pencils; they are always ready to re-enter service, with just a small amount of attention, if not affection.

Do Comrades have stories of pencils rescued?

4 thoughts on “Pencil Rescue.”

  1. Although I do not really “rescue” pencil I ask around a bit every now & then at my children’s school if there are any unsharpened (coloured) pencils. Mostly there is a box of unloved pencils somewhere which I take home, sharpen, sometimes wipe dirt off and then return them the next day. It may be small gesture and more than once I was treated like I was really silly but it brings me joy to make these wooden sticks usable again.

  2. My best rescue came from a job at a USPS facility I was working on. Found a “Au natural” skillcraft pencil with a mint green eraser, at almost a brand new length new, but abandoned in a parking lot for years and years. Produced a nice line and I’ve used well past the Steinbeck stage. I’ll be sad to let it go.

  3. I recently found a pencil on the sidewalk by my house when I was walking my dog. It’s the path that kids take on their way home from school. Since it was in late June when I found it, I imagined that it was dropped by some excited students rushing home on the last day of school. It was just an ordinary yellow pencil, but it was still in good shape with lots of life left in it. So I took it home to put it in my husband’s pencil cup on his desk so we could put it to good use jotting down notes at home.

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