Mastering the Piece.

My kindergartner came home from school yesterday with a broken and displaced collarbone. Since we were home all day today together, we got into some Pencil Action. He had a tiny stub of a Ticonderoga in the chest pocket of his flannel shirt all day and looked at least seven different kinds of adorable with it. In the evening, he asked me if it would be interesting to sharpen the pencil all the way down to the ferrule, after we practiced using his special sharpener for left-handed kids.

Enter the Masterpiece. We sharpened this little Ticonderoga stub until we hit ferrule with the blade. I am pretty sure that this particular specimen dates back to around 2010. It still smelled amazingly when we sharpened it. Now if our friends in Germany could make a left-handed version of this sharpener, they would have a lifelong customer in my Henry.

I don’t know what he’s going to do with this pencil yet. He says that it’s going to take a very long time to dull the point. The dad in me thinks it looks a little dangerous, but the pencil fan is of course mesmerised.

Please try this at home.

(Bear with his first MMX.)

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