Mary Shelley’s Pencils.

It was supposed to be my post-NaNoWriMo reward, but I finally got around to seeing the recent biopic Mary Shelley. The critics’ reviews were mixed, but I enjoyed the film myself. Elle Fanning has sad eyes, which were perfect to portray Shelley.

Of course, there was much in the way of stationery in this film about a writer (and two other writers). While Percy wrote with a plume, Mary always used a pencil in the film. It looked like some square/oval sectioned pencil, and her habit of twirling it was a sort of chorus in the film.

The film opens to the sound of a pencil scratching over a piece of paper, and pencil lovers will find the rest of the picture to be a treat as well.

2 thoughts on “Mary Shelley’s Pencils.”

  1. Amazing to note how we’ve forgotten to hold a pencil, and instead of holding it as a paint brush and using our hand and arm muscles far more effectienly (big muscles to do most of the work), we hold it as the movie shows, clenched like an infant holding their first rattle before they get fine motor control. Writing long sessions is not possible with the modern clench. See this photo of Mary Shelley holding her plume (and any photo or drawing of anyone 100 years ago or more holding their writing instrument):×594

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