That’ll do, pink.

“I think this ought to do for a picture,” Charlotte said. She got to pick out some goodies from C.W. Pencil Enterprise for getting straight A’s on her report card — rather, because she works so hard.

Drawing Hearts.

Practicing drawing hearts with my Bear. He’s very excited for Valentine’s Day, but most of his class and his teacher are sick. He’s all about the blue-covered Wednesday Field Notes, though. He has perhaps the largest stash of mostly blue pencils in our section of Baltimore, possibly even the East Coast — for kids under 5.

20 Years On.

Charlotte and I play something called the Drawing Game. We each suggest a caption or idea, and the other person draws it. I suggested that she draw herself at 20 years old. She asked me if she would be in college. She wants to go to Harvard, like Mom. So she drew herself at Black Ink in Harvard Square, buying her Dad pencils.

Chew Toys.

When you turn around for a second, and your toddler chews up your pencil and notebook. In this case, the summer 2016 L.L. Bean Field Notes and a Blackwing Volume 1. The point was stuck to her chin. The notebook is wetter than it looks.

Today is Wednesday Bear.

Bear, drawing shapes like a real engineer in his Wednesday Field Notes book. Blue is his color. Unlike an engineer, he’s rocking a 4B Staedtler Mars Lumograph.