Reclaimed Oak Pencil Boxes, First Shots.

Two weeks ago, Dan, Mr. PJ and I made pencil boxes.  Which is to say, I gave dimensional suggestions, handed stuff to Dan while he worked the table saw, and then I helped glue.  Awesome fun. These are sized for eraser-topped, American-style pencils.  In my experience, most boxes are too short.  The wood is reclaimed oak, and it’s beautiful.  Mine has rusty nail holes in one side, and I think that I got the best one because of that.

(The pencils fit; they’re just propped up for the photo.)
We’re trying to convince Mr. PJ to make them and sell them on Etsy, since such a pencil box is not only rustically attractive, but will also last one’s natural life! If these make a debut, you’ll certainly hear it here first!

More photos to come.  Mine’s full of carpenter’s pencils and assorted pencil gear.