Higher Purpose of Doodling.

I was cleaning up for a party Sunday morning and missed this. There is not a whole lot of pencil action, but this is an enjoyable piece. I was surprised that the did not interview Mike Rohde, of whom I have been an avid fan for YEARS (and I keep meaning to pick up his book). Perhaps some of the new research explains why I retained more in high school than I thought, facing my binder full of doodles and Nine Inch Nails logos. And we need to get the book in the video, with a name like that!

Stephen King on Sunday Morning.

StephenKing_t_620x350This was an enjoyable interview (here!) — much longer than I expected it to be. I keep meaning to watch Bag of Bones on Netflix, since it was a good summer book. I’ll post a link to the video interview when I find one.

Anyone been watching Under the Dome? Is it good watchin?

It seems that CBS Sunday Morning keeps popping up on this site!

Sharpening Up, on Sunday Morning.

One of my very favorite programs featured our beloved Wooden Warrior yesterday, and Pencil Hero Mr. David Rees was one of the stars. Comrades can watch the video HERE, and there’s a post on Mo Rocca’s blog. It was a pretty good piece, and their other online videos are worth a browse, whether or not you’re a regular viewer.