Connect Score: Pencil and Paper Game for the People.

We are lucky enough to learn about all kinds of Pencil Awesomeness via this site, and today’s post is no different. Connect Score, like Grand Prix, is a paper and pencil game that can easily be played over a cafe’ au lait, a nice beerĀ  or some tap water on the steps (or The Stoop; I’m looking at you, fellow Baltimoreans).

Connect Score is a pencil and paper game that mixes Chess with Dots and Boxes. Invented in 1991 by Rick Nordal of Vancouver, BC, Canada. For 2 players, ages 12 to adult. Connect Score is an eight minute strategy game. Adjacent dots are joined with pencil lines. Aliens start to become activated. Activated aliens use lazor guns to shoot and kill other activated aliens . When all the dots are connected with pencil lines the game is over. The player with the most points wins the game. The complete rules for this game and game printouts are located HERE.

A paper and pencil game is portable, requires no batteries and may be played anywhere at anytime.
Long live the pencil ! – Rick Nordal

Thanks to Rick for his invention and his sharing it with us. Next time we have a Coffee Night Out, I am taking a few sheets with me.