Sharpener Winner: Take Two.

Our first winner was unreachable for over a week and forfeited the prize. We randomly selected another winner, and it is Antonio, whose entry consisted of an original quotation (which I really like!):

“If only people could be sharpened as easily as a pencil, so many people are so very dull.”

Congratulations to Antonio, who will probably have his sharpener this week.

Winner of Classroom Friendly Sharpener.

We listed all the entries, assigned each a number. I cut up paper and put all numbers onto little squares. I put them in a hat. My 3-year-old pulled one from the hat.

And we have a winner:

Jennie Wolfe “Pencils – A teacher’s best friend, a student’s best friend, always keeping up SHARP :)”

Per the contest rules, Jennie will have one week to email us with her address and Facebook handle (Troy needs to confirm that you “like” the sharpener page), and Troy will send your sharpener to you!

editorATpencilrevolutionDOTcom (You know what to do.)

Congratulations to Jennie!

Win a Classroom Friendly Sharpener!

quiet_sharp1210 (1)
Troy has graciously offered to let us host a give-way for a Classroom Friendly Pencil Sharpener for the Comrade who wins a contest . There are only a few rules:

1) Comrades must “like” Classroom Friendly Supplies on Facebook (this will be verified).

2) Contest is only open to residents of the United States, or, rather, people who get mail here (no international shipping).

3) Please respond within one week to the post announcing the winner, or we’ll pick another winner.

4) Please remember to let Troy know which color you prefer! (Black, blue, red, green.)

The contest!

TO ENTER!========>We are looking for great pencil-related quotations. Please leave your pencil-related quotation (and source if you know it; or make up a memorable one!) in a comment to this post, and head on over to “like” Classroom Friendly Supplies. (Only comments with a pencil quotation will be entered into the drawing.) One entry per Comrade.

The contest will close on Friday, May 3rd, at 5:00pm Eastern Standard Time. We will randomly select a winner over the weekend though paper entries in a hat (you’ll have to trust the randomness, but I’ll get a 3-year who is impartial to pull the winner). The winner will be posted on Monday, May 6th on this site.

I expect that we’ll get some very cool entries, and we’ll post some of the best on the site in the coming weeks.

Happy quotation hunting!

RAD & HUNGRY Contest Trivia Question.

As promised, here is the pencil trivia question for the RAD & HUNGRY Colombia pack give away.  This contest is open to anyone with a mailing address, the world over (with thanks to R&H).  I was very tempted to include something from literature as the trivia question.  But.  Well.  I can’t resist a good television character with a love of  pencils and flannel.


The show ran during the previous decade on a national American network, possibly in other countries.  It’s set in a small town.  The character in question is usually found with flannel, a ball cap and a pencil.  He will give you coffee if you ask for it.  He is curmudgeonly and enjoys stick-shifts.  He is a good guy and seems to hate razors.

Who is the character (his name)?

The contest will close at 11:59pm Eastern US Standard Time on this Wednesday, December 8th.  To enter, please use the CONTACT FORM (CLICK) to send your name, email address and your one guess.  All correct Comrades will have their names written down and put into a black backpack.  One person who is not me will draw one paper, and the winner will be announced Thursday.  Hen at RAD & HUNGRY is kind enough to handle the shipping of this awesome and exciting pack!

Good luck!


RAD AND HUNGRY reached out to a number of stationery blogs, and we’re happy to be able to participate in a drawing for a really sweet kit from Colombia, which will ship directly from R&H.  Essentially, you get a package of local stationery sourced from the same country, on a monthly basis.  How awesome is that?  You get:

A – Writing Instrument
B – Paper Goods
C – Mystery Item
D – The Low Down

The office supplies within each kit (A, B, C) are straight up, no fuss exports – everyday items hand picked from a local dealer in the featured country. A random narrative from the trip (D) accompanies the goods. The kit is shipped out to subscribers’ homes on the first Tuesday of each month.

Now.  How do we decide who wins this package?  Do we randomly select from commenters, from our Facebook group, or subscribers?  Do we have a contest?  A pencil-themed contest?  But, what should it look like?  The contest, that is?  Any suggestions?  (Seriously.  I’m only coming up with Hemingway trivia.)

In the meantime, check out RAD AND HUNGRY’s blog.  To paraphrase The Dude, I dig their style, man.