Logan’s Pencil Box.

After the discussion of graphite dust in pencil boxes from earlier this week, we are happy to present Logan’s pencil box.

“It measures approx 4.25 x 5 x 0.5 inches.  The pencils are Prismacolor Turquoise H, B and 6B, and general 6B charcoal, cut in half to fit.”

I really like this set-up.  I have a few pencil extenders sitting around, but it never occurred to me to use them to carry shortened pencils in a box.  Usually, there’s just a very short Palomino in my Kutsuwa pencil holder, turned around backward to protect the point — and my leg.  Keeping an extender in a small sketch or writing kit can allow Comrades to carry really short pencils and even use them comfortably, no matter how big one’s hands are.

Thanks to Logan for sending us these images and sharing!  See more of Logan’s images on Flickr.