The Longpoint Keychain.

Shane from Utah sent an excellent idea along to Pencil Revolution HQ:

I am a fan of the Kum Automatic Long Point sharpener because of the angle it cuts into our Revolutionary tools. But I hate to haul around all the extraneous hardware attached to the sharpener out of the box. With some force, I extracted the core from its housing and used a small drill bit to place a hole right through the word “STOP”. (In previous versions I put the holes along some of the thin edges, but they eventually tore through. You also have to be careful not to block the path of the sharpening leads.) Now the sharpener travels in my pocket with my keys and a minimum of bulk.

As an aside, I had this sharpener in my pocket while I swam in the Gulf of Mexico. The blades got a little rusty, so I changed them out with the spares that come with the sharpener (thank you, Kum), and it works good as new.

[Text and image, S.T. Used with permission.]