50 Dozen: The Pencil Chair.

So this is another “Your life would be better if you lived in Baltimore” post. With apologies for the bad photo pics, the newly-reopened wings of the Baltimore Museum of Art include a hunt for the BMA’s chairs, one of which is made of 50 dozen Dixon Ticonderoga pencils (from back when they were made in the USA, 2005, which was really at the end of domestic production). Some of the construction involves removing the erasers and sticking the pencils end-to-end into the ferrules. Artist Jeremy Alden made this chair using 600 pencils and glue (and awesomeness).

Charlotte liked enough to ask to be photographed next to it, in her insane Art Gallery Outfit.

The BMA currently prints a field guide to its chair collection, which is very nice for curious kids. Charlotte kept hers. More information about this chair that you really have to see in person can be found here.