Charlotte’s First [graphite] Pencil.

My daughter recently turned two years old, and she’s always been interested in pens and pencils and notebooks and crayons. Santa brought her some large-diameter pencils for her first Christmas in 2010. I spared Comrades the Cuteness Overload at the time, waiting for when she was ready to actually use them. She’s been “colohing” with colored pencils for a week or so, and she’s stolen pencils from me to “coloh” in my Field Notes on several occasions.

So today we stepped up to a “Big Girl Pencil” — My First Dixon, as it were, which we picked up today while we were out. She had largely worn the point down by Bedtime.

Now I merely delay the Cuteness Overload, which is immanent. Adorable Small Comrades (bka, “kids”) and pencils together — wow.