25 Good Quality Pencils.

From Comrade Shane in Utah, who always sends us good stuff.

I bought a bag of these pencils at Smith and Edwards, an eclectic sporting goods, hardware, military surplus, and farm implement store near Ogden, Utah. They had a whole box of these overruns and misprints, available for $1.25 per bag of 25 random pencils (plus extra erasers.) My kids sharpened up a few, and they are real wood pencils. I haven’t used them yet myself, so I can’t comment on the quality. But the cheap bulk purchase was what interested me. Just from the photo you can see there are pencils from schools, banks, real estate, insurance, charter buses, and even the Mississippi National Guard. There’s gotta be a future collectible in there. But I’ll let my kids doodle with it.

Anyone find “lots” (to borrow the auction word) of pencils like this? I’ve found a few random assortments of “vintage” pencils on eBay before for a few bucks and have found some interesting pencils therein. Maybe not necessarily valuable or collectible, but certainly of value to Pencil Users. It’s a very rare pencil that doesn’t tempt me to sharpen it and use it.

(Text, photo, S.T. Used with kind permission.)