Figure-Four Deadfall.

The following is some really cool artwork submitted by Jesse Patrick Ferguson. Many thanks to Jesse for reaching out and for allowing us to publish his work on our humble site. (Click images for larger views.)
Fig. Four Deadfall, Ferguson, Feb. 2013. A

“Figure-Four Deadfall is a piece of environmentalist visual art by Jesse Patrick Ferguson, a Canadian poet and musician who also dabbles in the visual arts. It was displayed in the Cape Breton University Art Gallery in February 2013, and it is based on the figure-four deadfall—a type of trap used to catch small animals for food using a baited trigger mechanism. Ferguson has replaced the usual heavy stone/log with a book on humanity’s environmental impact (Fragile Earth, 2006). He has also replaced the usual rough sticks that make up the trigger mechanism with wooden pencils, and he has replaced the food bait with a Canadian one-dollar coin. The symbolism is fairly simple: if a person makes a hasty grab for the money, the trap activates and the “fragile earth” falls in on him/her, literally rapping the thief’s knuckles. The message is that short-term financial gain often results in long-term environmental problems.
Fig. Four Deadfall, Ferguson, Feb. 2013. B
The pencils used are a Papermate Canadiana (not a very good pencil) and two free promotional pencils (fairly decent writers, actually). The pencils are carefully notched to form the figure-four shape, and the erasers help by providing friction on the book and the pedestal.”

(Text and images, JPF. Used with kind permission.)