Baron Fig Maker Edition.

The good folks at Baron Fig sent a set of their new Maker edition books to HQ recently, and this is just perfect, since I am staring down the last two dozen pages of my current journal.
I’ve ranted about this paper being Super Graphite Friendly on the Erasable Podcast on more than one occasion. The soft white paper is wonderful on the eyes and fits well with grey writing. While I enjoy the contrast of a very white page, sometimes the soothing paper fits well with the fainter grey of a pencil (vs. a very black pen). The texture is perfect for less-soft pencils. My German HB pencils get more use with this book, and when your humble blogger here grabs a pen first, the paper loves gel pen as much as it loves the Better Angel of graphite.
I find these books to be extremely relaxing. I have a Pandora station called “pencils and flannel” which revolves around mellow music I enjoy while writing in my journal at night. I curl up on my graphite colored couch with headphones and something caffeinated, with an assortment of pencils, and I just write for a spell. I am finishing up the Three-Legged Juggler Confidant that I received for Christmas. The soft paper and tactile cover fit perfectly with a wind-down session at the end of the day, and I imagine these books would be friendly companions for morning pages as well.
The covers are fabric-covered, with the fabric being super tight. The lack of stiff backing in the spine really does allow these books to open fully. Completing the Lap Effect, the backing that is in the covers is extremely stiff. I often sit and write on one of those large clipboards used by Comrades with actual Artistic Talent, and this is unnecessary with a Confidant. The Maker edition is several shades darker than the “regular” Confidant. I don’t own a regular one; so I can’t take a comparison photo. But this is a similarly mellow grew, just more…Pencilicious.

The new Maker Apprentice is darker also, coming in with a nice, warm grey. These put me in mind of a muggy, rainy day. They make me want some strong iced coffee with condensed milk. These little books are handy for toting around, and they have a lot of pages. This makes Charlotte happy, when she forgot to bring something to color in and mooches Daddy’s supplies. I have beaten one of the Lightbulb edition books up pretty badly, and it stayed Healthy and Strong. I enjoy the contrasting stitching.
A lot. The gold bookmark on the Confidant got me when it came out. These are some of the touches that set Baron Fig apart.
Many thanks to Baron Fig for the review samples! Get one of these while the getting is good. These don’t last forever.