PLUMBAGO issue #3.

In the last year or so, Andy (from Woodclinched and my co-host of Erasable) has been spear-heading a stationery-centric magazine, Plumbago. Started as a Zine in the first issue, the second issue was so polished that I think it became a magazine. The upcoming third release is the fiction and poetry issue, and, this time, it has the heft and gravitas of a literary journal. You’ll find:

Father Kyle Sanders writes a story from the perspective of an Eberhard Faber American Naturals pencil

A collaboration between poet Judy Wilson and fine graphite artist Diane Wright

Harky Jewett presents a type-written science-fiction story about the fate of mankind

A big, bright graffiti-style portrait of some of our favorite pencils

The 5 winners of the six-word story contest, illustrated by Becky Aiken

Original artwork by Ana Reinert of The Well-Appointed Desk

And lots, lots more

There’s even a bad poem by yours truly that ends in gore/a goring.

Comrades can pre-order the issue to be sure to get a copy. These have sold out quickly both times before, and this one will likely go just as fast. You’ll even save $2 off of the $10 cover price.

Lest one might think it’s all about the funds, “Revenue from this zine go directly to printing, assembly and mailing costs, and leftover revenue will be donated to [Heart to Heart International], an organization dedicated to providing door-to-door medical aid to victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.”

Why are you still here and not ordering this amazing publication?!

Plumbago, Volume II.

If you don’t listen to the Erasable Podcast and are not a member of our ever-growing Facebook group, maybe you missed the first issue of Plumbago, the zine edited by Comrade Andy Welfle. You’re in luck. Issue II is about to drop:

At long last, Plumbago is back! At 36 pages long, this zine will be chock-full of writing and illustration. We’re celebrating the spirit of the hackwing; what we call a pencil modded from its original design to suit the user’s style and usage preferences. You’re buying a pre-order to help fund the printing and distribution of this zine.

Just a few features you’ll find here:

– “What I’ve Learned from Field Notes”: A piece by urban sketcher Tina Koyama
– “Rabbinic Musings in Graphite”: about how pencils aid in the intense study environs of rabbi school by Mordechai Lightstone
– “How to Keep Score at a Baseball Game Using a Pencil”: A piece by Gregory Dresser
– “Are You *Too* Obsessed with Stationery:” A quiz to help you measure your sickness
– A comic by the Mad Penciler
– An editorial by Dr. J. Frank, encouraging you to lovingly destroy your pencils
– And lots, lots more.

Pre-order the upcoming second issue, and you will get a PDF of the first issue and maybe another little surprise too. Hurry, and click here to get  your copy, while they last!