This Week, in 1918.

EH 2532P
On July 8, 1918, Ernest Hemingway was wounded by a trench mortar in Italy, while working as an ambulance driver during WWI. It’s no secret that Papa is a Pencil Hero here at Pencil Revolution. But I thought this would be a good opportunity to draw attention to an excellent website.

Biographile is about discovering the world through biography and memoir.

I am one of those people who enjoys reading about the writers whose works I admire. As such, I enjoy that site immensely. Check out this piece on the writer with whom Baltimore likes to associate itself the most (such as The Ravens!). I have a large Poe biography that’s been gathering dust for a year and a half that I might have to heave down from the shelf and delve into soon.

Go, Ravens!

With apologies for recent reticence, GO RAVENS!

(And we’ll be back to gloat this week on Pencil Revolution.)