Bandynami Organizer.

I am very late with this one, and I hope not too late. This came in right before I went to Boston and came home to find out that my family is growing. This is a simple and versatile desk organizer. Bright side about being late, I’ve gotten to use this modern pencil cup IRL for two months. I really like the name: Bandynami.
As you might be able to see, a few of the rubber bands have broken. But that’s my only gripe. This holder has been especially useful in keeping, shall we say, precious pencils from having their finishes marred, and it accommodates pens, too, if you like that sort of thing. Jerry sent two: one assembled and one in the package. Even I was able to assemble one with ease.

Finally, well, can you imagine the Weaponized Possibilities of having a mounted set of rubberbands on your desk? My brothers and I could have invented enough ways to launch projectiles with this that one of us would surely have spent some time at the ER. I am tempted to buy one for each of my brothers so that we can get together at the next holiday and bring chaos to the dinner table.